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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 21Sorry for the delays in posting. For those of you who have emailed me, I
appreciate your comments and questions. Thanks so much!
Chapter 21: The Flying Scotsman
Okay, so we didn’t take THE Flying Scotsman to Edinburgh, but still, we
left the next Preteen Models Photos morning for Scotland.I awoke to see a big blur. I had forgotten to take my contacts out. I
could hear, however, and it sounded like someone was trying to be quiet.
After blinking a few times I cleared my eyes enough to see in front of me
and then raised my head up to see over Ben’s chest. Raviv had thrown the
covers off, managed to get Greg’s boxers down a bit, and was sucking on
Greg’s dick. Greg, for his part, had his eyes closed. He was clearly
enjoying it, but was really trying to control his breathing.This went on for only another minute or so when Greg opened his eyes and
caught me staring.”Sorry, Jake!” he whispered. Raviv didn’t stop, up on all fours over
Greg’s legs, sliding his mouth up and down Greg’s dick. “Stop, babe -
they’re up.”Raviv came up off of Greg’s dick; Greg hastily pulled his boxers back up,
the tent more than obvious. Raviv looked at me and said, “G’morning,” in
his sexy Israeli accent. He crawled up Greg’s body to his face, kissed
Greg, and laid down on his side, facing me, then promptly reached into
Greg’s boxers.I started to crawl over Ben as gingerly as possible, but woke him up
anyway. So we both rolled out of bed and Ben grabbed a towel to go shower.
I stood up, stretched, and grabbed some jeans I could wear until my turn to
shower, and walked over to Greg’s bed.”I think you two should probably do something about that,” I said, pulling
up the elastic of Greg’s boxers and peaking inside. I let the elastic slap
back down on Greg’s body and Raviv’s arm, winked, and walked to the door.Out in the living room I sat down and started to watch some tv. Before too
long I could hear the unmistakable sounds of morning “activity” emanating
from Greg’s room. The door to his roommates’ room was wide-open - if they
had been home late last night, they had left early this morning, or they
hadn’t come home last night. Either way, they were in the clear.Ben finished his shower and heard what was going on in there, so he came
into the living room wrapped in a towel. He looked so damn hot - just a
beautiful physique. He sat down on the chair across the room and I could
see everything.”It’s like you’re wearing a kilt,” I said.”Huh?”"It’s like you’re wearing a kilt - I can see right up to the goods there,
haha,” I said.He laughed and said, “I suppose it’s all part of being here, right?”"What? Not here… England’s not the place for kilts. That’s Scotland.”"Oh. Oh yeah. Are we going up there?” he asked.”I’d like Preteen Models Photos
to, but I wasn’t sure how long the trip was or anything,” I
confessed.We had been talking for a few minutes and didn’t realize that the noises
from the bedroom had ceased. But we did hear the door open and Raviv came
walked into the living room, not a stitch of clothing on him and a clear
glistening line of cum running up his stomach and chest.”What are you guys talking about?” he asked as Preteen Models Photos he walked over to the couch.”Scotla-” Ben started to say as Raviv started to sit down on the couch.”No!! Don’t sit down!” Greg said, running into the living room, also
naked, “Not without a towel or something down if you’re not going to put
something on!”"Sorry,” Raviv said, sheepishly, and kissed Greg. Greg turned and darted
out of the room, coming back a moment later with boxers on, while Raviv
sauntered out, cum glistening on his cute furry ass. He was back in a
minute or so in a pair of black briefs. He sat down and looked at Ben,
“So… you were saying?”"Scotland. We were talking about going to Scotland,” Ben said.”If it’s not too far or hard to get there,” I added.”And about my kilt-like attire,” Ben added, spreading his legs a little
wider so as to include everyone in the view of his cock.Greg said, “Oh, Preteen Models Photos
it’s really easy. I think the train is only about four or
five hours up to Edinburgh. You guys should totally do it. Raviv, Preteen Models Photos babe,
have you Preteen Models Photos been to Scotland yet?”"No, not yet. Do you want to go?” he asked.”Yeah, if you guys,” Greg said, indicating us, “don’t mind.”"Not at all,” I said. Ben continued, “It’ll be fun - you guys should
totally come, too!”So it was settled.I went ahead and showered - Greg and Preteen Models Photos Raviv insisted I go ahead of them -
and we all packed up our backpacks with enough to go up to Scotland for a
quick trip.We made our way to the train station and found our train easily, getting
settled into a group of four seats with a table in between them. It wasn’t
difficult, since the train was relatively empty. It was nice and fun and
we played cards, ate lunch, and pretty much had a normal train ride for
about the first hour.I got up to use the restroom and started to head up the aisle when Raviv
stopped me and asked where I was going. I told him and he said he needed
to go, too. So we headed up the aisle and out into platform area at the
end of the cars where the bathrooms are. There were two - an occupied loo
and the open handicap-accessible one. I gestured for Raviv to go ahead and
go and he just laughed and pulled me through the door with him. It wasn’t
the biggest bathroom I’d ever seen, but it was certainly roomy.Inside, we both pissed into the toilet and as I was drying my hands when
Raviv put his hands on my shoulders and massaged gently. I leaned my head
back and sighed. It felt really good.I turned around and we kissed. We kissed again. And before I knew it I
had my tongue down his throat while he was unbuttoning my jeans and trying
to unfasten my belt. We kept at it, making out and stripping one another -
I had his shirt off over his head when he stopped, opened the door and
stuck his head out, and checked. Apparently it was totally clear and no
one was waiting so he closed the door again and we went back to it.Within a few seconds I was naked except for my shoes and socks. Raviv had
his pants around his ankles and his shirt off - the clothes we weren’t
wearing were hanging on the handicap-assistance bar along the wall, against
which Raviv was leaning as I went from kissing his lips to his neck and
sucking on his earlobes.I moved down and kissed his chest, sucking on each nipple before moving
down further, kissing and licking as I went.I got to his dick, which was now fully erect. I looked up at him and said,
“I think I should go ahead and Preteen Models Photos return the favor from yesterday; what do you
think?”"Great minds think alike,” and he smiled.So I licked the tip of his cock, then licked around the head, before
grabbing it with my hand and holding it up against his body. I went in and
licked and sucked on his balls for a few seconds before licking up the
underside of his shaft, eliciting a nice sigh from Raviv.I wrapped my lips around his dick and pulled him in, running my tongue back
and forth underneath as I did so. He grabbed the back of my head and
pulled me down closer, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair and my
chin was pushing his balls out of the way. He relaxed his grip and I
started to suck and slide up and down his dick pretty quickly. I didn’t
forget that we were in a public restroom and didn’t have all the time in
the world for this.So I moved quickly, jacking his dick some while I used my tongue to play
with the tip of his dick. His breathing changed quickly and I could feel
him flexing and releasing. He told me he was about to cum, and I
deepthroated him as far as I could, feeling his cock swell Preteen Models Photos
up a little and
then shoot a hot steam of jizz at the back of my throat.I pulled off a little, but kept my mouth wrapped around his shooting cock,
swallowing everything he blew. It was great, and really erotic. I was
really turned on and was sure I was leaking pre-cum on the floor of the
bathroom.When I thought Raviv was essentially spent, I pulled off and stood up,
kissing Raviv and swirling what cum I had left in my mouth into his mouth,
our tongues dancing around each other.I knelt back down to get a little bit more that dribbled out, his Preteen Models Photos dick now
fairly limp. I got a nice glob of cum on my chin in my attempt there, and
we both laughed when I stood up.I looked in the tiny mirror above the sink and then started to clean my
face while Raviv threw his shirt back on. I washed his cum off my chin
and, eyes closed, reached around to find the paper towels. I found them
and Preteen Models Photos
turned around to see Raviv standing there, fully clothed, half-way out
the door.With my clothes in his hands.”You don’t really need these, right?” he said.”Dude, what are you doing?” But I was pretty sure I knew what was coming.”I’m sending Greg up here - he needs to try someone other than me! And
you’re good, too,” he said, smiling.”But my clothes!” I said, but it was too late. He was gone.So I quickly slid the door closed, not wanting someone to walk by and see.
I then realized I should not keep it unlocked as someone could just walk
in. Ugh.Trapped, in the handicapped WC on the train to Edinburgh, naked except for
my shoes and socks.And I was turned on by it.Unlike the bondage Jeremy and I had done, this was kind of fun. The danger
of being caught was real, but I was at the disposal of my friends, and I
knew that Ben at least would rescue me eventually.After about ten minutes I started to get a little nervous, though. Maybe
Raviv dumped my stuff before he got back to the seats and didn’t say
anything, just that I’d probably be a few more minutes?My cock, hard from having given Raviv a blowjob, was now limp as could be
as I worried about the countryside I was missing and being stuck in here
until Preteen Models Photos whenever they got around to letting me out. Dull trip if I had to
sit here like this for the rest of the journey (which was at least another
two and a half hours).Eventually there was a knock at the door.”Yes?” I said, thinking it might be any random person checking to see if
it was really occupied.”Jake? Is that you?”I opened the door and Greg walked in.”Holy shit, Raviv wasn’t kidding. Hahaha, sweet!” he exclaimed.”What do you mean, ’sweet?’” and laughed. I couldn’t help it actually.I reached behind Greg and locked the door, then looked into those deep blue
eyes of his. Preteen Models Photos They were incredibly beautiful, and he was so good looking, I
felt like anything he asked I’d do in a second.”Raviv was just telling us what happened and then we couldn’t stop
laughing, since he had all of your stuff… except your shoes.
Um… weird,” he said.”What’s weird about it? I’m not standing barefoot on this floor. Besides,
the legs of those jeans are big enough to get these shoes through without
it being TOO comical to watch.”"So, is it true?” he asked.”Is what true?”"That I get a turn?”"Of course!” I said. I wasn’t about to deny those gorgeous eyes. Plus, I
was kind of enjoying myself.And with that, Greg pulled his shirt off, then undid his belt and his
pants, but I stopped him and kissed him, just to get the juices flowing a
bit more. To be frank, he wasn’t a very good kisser, but he was into it
and I could feel his dick spring immediately to attention - mine certainly
did.We made out Preteen Models Photos while I put my hands down into his pants, pushing down his
jeans and his boxers, freeing his dick. I grabbed his and mine and jacked
them together a little, the pre-cum from before leaking again and getting
all over him. I rubbed the top of his dick, my hands slick with both our
pre-cum, and continued to kiss him.I got the distinct impression that Greg was interested in more than a
blowjob, though. So instead of dropping to my knees I reached over to the
soap dispenser - there really was no alternative, and it was quite
slippery. I rubbed some on his dick and tried to rub some up in my crack
and into my hole before I turned around and grabbed the handrail, bending
over slightly and jutting my ass out in Greg’s direction.”Come on, man, time to try out something else,” and Greg put one hand on my
hip and used the other to line himself up, pushing into me slowly.He slid in easily enough and started sliding in and out of me pretty
quickly. He had no real technique, but I didn’t care - I was almost high
from the sexual energy of being confined like this. It was daring and,
quite frankly, stupid, but it was also so much fun.After a minute or two Greg pulled out and asked me to turn around. He
wanted to kiss me while fucking me, so I propped myself up on the handrail
with my arms and he grabbed my knees, helping to push me into the wall and
expose my ass for him to keep fucking me. It felt incredible to be
suspended like that, even if it was murder on my arms and hands.Greg slipped back in easily and kept pounding away. He was clearly on a
mission, grunting every Preteen Models Photos now and then, now that he had to support part of my
body weight while fucking my ass. My dick erupted without warning - I was
so into it I didn’t even notice. My cock was pointing almost straight up
due to the angle I was pegged to the wall, cum shooting out of it straight
up about six inches before falling back down all over the head.Greg came not a moment later, filling my ass with a small load. Since he
had fucked Raviv earlier in the morning, there wasn’t as much to be had for
this, my turn. Not a bad thing, either, considering our location. Also
pretty good that he’s pretty quick.I looked into those blue eyes of his and kissed him as he dropped one of my
legs and then the other. My arms were tingling - I could tell they were
going to be pretty sore in a few hours, but wrapped them around Greg and
made out with him for a few minutes, my cum dripping off my dick into his
underwear that was around his ankles, his own jizz dribbling a little out
of my hole.I pulled back and he pulled up his jeans, feeling the cooling semen pooled
in his boxers hit his balls.”Oh man… I’m not sure if that’s hot, or nasty,” he said.”Well, either way, it’s there now, ha!”He put his shirt back on and walked out of the bathroom, leaving me there
again, alone, naked, and this time, quite spent.I cleaned the cum off my dick and from around my ass - the soap had worked
well, but wasn’t ideal, I know. But I cleaned up and then sat down on the
toilet, wondering when or if Ben was going to try to come in here, too, or
if one of the guys would show up with my clothes, or if I’d just have to
sit there for the rest of the trip.I realized about ten minutes later that the door wasn’t locked and jumped
up to latch it before someone came in. I was lucky on that front -
apparently no one on the train needed to go. So I sat back down and
thought about my predicament.I felt the train slow down, come to a stop, and people talking. I went to
the door and listened - I could make out the conversations people were
having and laughed quietly to myself if they knew that just on the other
side of the door in front of which they were standing, an American
university student was standing there in nothing but his shoes.The passageway died down and the train started moving again. Maybe ten
minutes later there was a knock at the door.”Hello, is there someone in there?” said a courteous British male voice.”Yes, sorry,” I said. Shit, I thought, now I’m in trouble.”It’s the conductor, just checking to make sure everything’s alright.”"Everything’s fine - I’m seated in this car at a table of four - three
other guys should still be sitting out there together.”"Oh, right! Sorry to disturb you.”So, they do check to make sure no one is getting a free ride, and I was in
the clear. At least for now.Another few minutes passed when I heard another knock.”Jake, it’s Ben, open up,” Ben said.I unlocked the door and Ben walked in, holding my clothes. I was mighty
glad to see him after the conductor had been by, and hastily put them on.”I saw the conductor knock on the door - I got a little scared for you,” he
said.”Not nearly as scared as I got! Ha!”While I was dressing, Ben took a leak and flushed, then washed his hands.
I washed my hands one last time (I always do before leaving the bathroom)
and we went back to our seats.I must have been beaming the whole time, because the three of them kept
saying I sure looked happy. And I was, I suppose. It had been a lot of
fun. I told them I wasn’t looking forward to repeating it any time soon,
but that I had enjoyed myself and I hoped they had, too.We got to Edinburgh and stayed in a small bed and breakfast. It was
extremely cheap and yet very nice, the old woman running it simply
delightful. We stayed in one room - they happened to have one that had a
double, a single, and a portable cot in it. Ben, being the tallest, and I
slept in the double; Greg and Raviv were so used to sleeping in a single
they slept in that.We had a great time the next day touring, seeing most of the sites of the
city before jumping back on the train and riding up to Inverness. That
night we stayed in a cute little place where Ben Preteen Models Photos
and I had our own room.
The following morning we toured Inverness, took a boat ride down Loch Ness
to the ruins of Castle Urquhart, and back again.We rode the train back to Edinburgh and were back by nightfall, catching
the last train back to London. It was basically an overnighter, and the
four of us found a cabin in an older style car, one with six seats facing
one another. With the four of us in there we figured we’d have it to
ourselves the entire night.
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